Supreme Supply & Services team provides a
complete solution for the Rental of Tools
and Equipment along with the supply of Skilled Technicians

We offer on-site bolting services package. This package combines the expertise of our highly trained and experienced crews with the high quality tools from HYTORC, TENTEC, Equalizer and Norbar, products for torque application and tensioning. Our engineers combine innovative thinking with industry-tested methods and ensure controlled bolting services are carried out with precision and safety.

Bolt Torqueing
Tensioning Services

This tightening service provides a simple and safe method for ensuring controlled tightening and loosening of bolts from small jobs to large turnarounds. Our trained and experienced technicians apply proven techniques to disassemble, assemble and preload verification of bolted joints. Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity, including flange surface quality, joint alignment, gasket selection, bolt preparation and uniform bolt loading using the most appropriate torquing/tensioning methods.We offer bolt torquing and tensioning services. Our team has an efficient and highly experienced to provide services to the oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. The team is well trained to handle jobs without compromising on quality and safety


Supreme Bolt Tensioning service is an accurate method of tightening threaded fasteners and subsequently inducing load through advanced hydraulic technology all without directly turning the nut thereby avoiding frictional losses. Bolt Tensioning insures that gaskets are compressed as required by the manufacturer in order to achieve optimum joint integrity.


♦   Hydraulic Load Cells to provide specified bolt stresses to any flanged or mechanical joint configuration

♦   High level of accuracy

♦   Equal load distribution across the joint

♦   Normally 50% tool cover

♦   Easy to handle

Equipment / Materials Services

♦   Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration Facility upto 50000 Nm

♦   Hydraulic Torque Wrench-Tool Repair and Pump Repair

♦   Flange Management Tools-Like-Flange Spreader
   / Flange Aligner / Flange Puller

♦   Provide Trained and certified Supervisors/Technicians

♦   Manual Torque Wrench Calibration Facility

♦   Pressure Gauge Calibration Facility

♦   Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

♦   NEW- On-site Pipe Cutting and Beveling

♦   NEW- On-site Flange Facing Machine

Other Rental Services and
Shutdown Support

Passenger Man/Material Hoist Capacity 1400 kgs, 60 mtrs Height and Mast Climbing Work Platform Our Team has the competency in Installing and Dismantling of the Hoist for your requirement on site

Additional Services

♦   Hand torque tightening

♦   Nut splitters

♦   Torque and Tensioning calculations

♦   Flange Management System ( Flange Aligning/Spreading/Closing)

♦   Shutdown Services (Onshore/Offshore)

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